Title: Address by President Vladimir Putin (continue 4)





Terrorism, of course, is just an instrument to achieve
these aims.
As I have said many times already, we have found
ourselves confronting crises, revolts and terrorist acts
on more than one occasion. But what has happened
now, this crime committed by terrorists, is
unprecedented in its inhumanness and cruelty. This is
not a challenge to the President, parliament or
government. It is a challenge to all of Russia, to our
entire people. Our country is under attack.
* * *
The terrorists think they are stronger than us. They think
they can frighten us with their cruelty, paralyse our will
and sow disintegration in our society. It would seem that
we have a choice - either to resist them or to agree to
their demands. To give in, to let them destroy and
plunder Russia in the hope that they will finally leave us
in peace.




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