Title: Address by President Vladimir Putin (continue 8)





Dear friends,
We are living through very difficult and painful days. I would like now
to thank all those who showed endurance and responsibility as
We were and always will be stronger than them, stronger through our
morals, our courage and our sense of solidarity.
I saw this again last night.
In Beslan, which is literally soaked with grief and pain, people were
showing care and support for each other more than ever.
They were not afraid to risk their own lives in the name of the lives
and peace of others.
Even in the most inhuman conditions they remained human beings.
It is impossible to accept the pain caused by such loss, but these
trials have brought us even closer together and have forced us to re-
evaluate a lot of things.
Today we must be together, for it is only together that we will
vanquish the enemy.




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