The representation was established in 1992 year based on understanding between Fishery committee at the Ministry of rural economy of Russian Federation and National fishery administration of Republic of Korea, formalized exchange notes between Ministry of foreign affairs of Russia and Embassy of Korea in Moscow.



Main task and function of representation.
Presentation of the interests of fishing industry in the Republic of Korea as to entire questions of international ties the ensuring of their defence. The implementation of measures promoting proper execution by the sides of commitments coming out of Agreement on cooperation in the field of fisheries between Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Government of the Republic of Korea of the 16 September 1991 and annual protocol of session established by standing of Russian-Korean commission of fishing economy, also control over the execution of these commitments by Korean side.


Defence in the Republic of Korea of interests russian organizations, the rendering by them of assistance in the implementation of foreign economic relations, in the development of new form and directions of cooperation, so as the determining of direct connection, the creation of joint ventures, of miscellaneous companies, the implementation of manufacturing cooperation. In these purpose representation accords by them help in the search of reliable firm-partners, the arranging of negotiation with them, the conclusion of contracts, as well as in conjunction with them considers the questions of the perspective development of cooperation. Carries out continual contacts with korean companies for the reception of trade economic information , studying of the business conditions on market  of marine products for the avoidance of selling russian marine products as to dumping prices, selection to them russian companies-partners as to interests.


For the years of work of representation in Russia and Republic of Korea is created as to 9 joint ventures. Activity which embraces catching, processing and marketing of marine products, so and supply, re-equipment and the maintenance of fishing vessels.


In stages of study reside projects as to creation in Russia complementary joint ventures on catching, processing and sale of marine products by korean companies.


In particular, representative participated on International seminar of trade liberalization of fishery (May, Pusan) and International symposium of marine products trade (October, Seoul), where he presented reports about the position of russian side and received information from other countries - participant, which are used in work. In April 2002  representation taken part in the russian delegation group in the 1 -st APEC Ocean-related Ministerial Meeting.


One of the principal tasks of representation is permanent job with collaborators of Ministry of maritime affairs and fisheries, Korea Deep Sea Fisheries Association, National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives and leadership of korean fishing companies explain by them position of russian side bilateral cooperation in the field of fisheries.


Inter-governmental Agreement of the 16 September 1991 pawned formidable basis for mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of fisheries. For last 10 years it bore active and dinamic character.


However in 2002 year due to lessening of aquatic biological resources in the exclusive economic zone of Russia the value of quotas for Alaska pollock to korean fishers were decreased compare with 2001 year. In too time to them were granted complementary quotas for cod, herring, saury and squid in the exclusive economic zone of Russia.



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