GOVERNMENT                           To participants and guests of

OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION      the “Russian Nights” Festival

        SEPTEMBER 11, 2006




On behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation and my own  I would like to extend my greetings to all participants and guests of the “Russian Nights” Festival which is a remarkable celebration of Russian Culture and Arts.

         This is the first Russian cultural event of such a large scale to be held in the Republic of Korea. I am confident that the Festival will not only enrich Russian-Korean cultural ties, but will promote the whole range of the relations between our countries.

         In Seoul the Festival will present the best examples of the Russian theater, music and cinema arts. The program of the Festival includes performances of the Moscow Symphonic Orchestra, “Helicon-Opera” Musical Theater, “The Flowers” and many other well-known Russian artistic groups. 

         Let me thank the organizers of the Festival – the Stas Namin Center and the “SBS Productions” of South Korea who made it possible to conduct these festivities of Russian art on the South Korean soil.

         I wish the participants of the “Russian Nights” Festival to successfully perform before the sophisticated South Korean audience and the South Korean friends to enjoy their meeting with Russian art.



   OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION                         Mikhail FRADKOV