Education in Russia

About educational programmers for foreign students In Russian universities

The achievements of Russian higher university education system are well known and respected all over the world. At the present, more that 60.000 foreign students study at more that 100 Russian universities, about 2.300 of them are from Republic of Korea.

The detailed information about Russian universities, offering educational programmes for foreign citizens, application procedures, conditions of enrolment and study can be found at the websites:






Along with the traditional form of higher education on the contract basis the Russian government’s scholarships are provided to foreign students who wish to study at the Russian state-run universities. Every year the Government of the Russian Federation offers 3.000 scholarships for overseas students, 25 of them are granted to Korean citizens, including 20 scholarships for the complete course (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees) and 5 scholarships for postgraduate (Ph.D degree) and postdoctorate studies.

The scholarship recipients are selected by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Korea through the recommendation of the Korean National Institute for International Education Development of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (Phone NO. (02)-3668-1367). The final selection is made by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

The application deadline for the Russian government scholarships is April, 15th. The academic year begins at September, 1st (for the postgraduate studies – October, 15th).

Although the lectures are normally given in Russian this is not obstacle to enter Russian universities. In order to help foreign students to obtain necessary language skills and to prepare to study in a specific department the one year intensive General Russian language course is provided by the pre-university departments of the leading Russian universities such as Moscow State University, Russian University of the People Friendship, Saint-Petersburg State Technical University etc.

After successful completion of the preliminary course the students continue their studies at the chosen universities accordingly to their chosen degree programme.

- Required Application Documents for admission;
- Application form;
- «List of Specializations of Higher Professional Education Programs (Bachelor, Master, Specialist)» ;
- «Nomenclature of Specialty of Scientific Staff»;
- «Recommended List of Medical Contradictions for Admission of Foreigners to the Russian Higher Education Institutions».