Calendar of upcoming events

Program for foreign artists and dancers

We invite students to Immigrants’
Performing Art Academy


- Reinforcing the capacities of cultural art of immigrants.Discovering talented cultural performing artist.
- Diploma will be given to all
students with small amounts of financial aids for
productions of their art works. Students with excellence
during the program will have opportunities of performing as
actors or dancers in a concert by Salad.Cultural Art Instructor/VolunteersCeline Bacque/ Hyunsook Ahn / Byungsun Yoo / Yuко Kaseki /Sohee Lee / An instructor from current dance performing

Time of Education

Jul ~ December 2013

Address of Academy

Multi-cultural Performing Art Theater, SALADBOOM
(57-4 Mullae-Dong 2ga, #201, Yeongdongpo-gu, Seoul, Korea)
02-2254-0517 | www.salad.or.kr | saladboom@hanmail.net

August September October November December
Adult’s Play (Low) Creative
Drama/Play Workshop9/3~9/26 (Tuesday, Thursday 10:30am
Drama/Play Workshop9/3~9/26 (Tuesday, Thursday 10:30am
~12:30pm)Drama Workshop for men who were damaged by International
marriage 10/5~10/19 (Saturday, 6 hour program 10am~6pm)
Adult’s Dance (Middle) Dance
Workshop8/5~8/9 (10am~4pm)
Adult’s Play (Middle) Making a Story Telling Play10/8~ll/7 (Every Tuesday, Thursday 10:30am~12:30pm)
Kid’s Dance (Low) Dance
Workshop for children in multi-cultural society9/8~9/22 (Every Sunday 1pm~5pm)
Workshop for children in multi-cultural society11/10~11/24 (Every Sunday lpm~5pm)
Kid’s Play (Low) Drama
Workshop for immigrants intruded into the society9/14-9/28 (Every Saturday lam~6pm)
Making a
Play for children in multi-cultural society11/2-12/7 (Every Saturday 1pm~3pm)
Communitiy Art (High) Seminar for Community Art Organization10/13~11/10 (Every Sunday, lpm~5pm)
Recital Recital
of their works from educations 12/28~29

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