Regarding «Russia-Korea Business Awards» Ceremony

On April, 18 in Seoul Westin Chosun Hotel the «Russia-Korea Business Awards» Ceremony was held. The event was organized by Kore- Russia Business Council with the support of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Korea, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea and Korea International Trade Association (KITA).

The participants of the ceremony from the Russian side were Ambassador of Russia to the Republic of Korea Konstantin V.Vnukov, former advisor to the President of the Russian Federation A.Aslakhanov, representatives of the Embassy and the Trade Representation, and of the Russian commercial organizations, which work at the territory of Korea. The participants from Korean side were Deputy Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Mr.Choi Kyoung Lim, representatives of Korea International Trade Association, of the Federation of Korean Industries, of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, of Korean Aeronautics Research Institute, as well as the delegates of the majour Korean corporations, scientific and research institutes and educational organizations.

The Ambassador of Russia Konstantin V.Vnukov in his welcome address to the guests stressed that the ceremony had already become a good tradition, and that it demonstrates that the field of cooperation, active and mutually beneficial interaction in different spheres between our countries is getting wider.

Among Korean awardees there was the Korean  Aeronautics Research Institute (Russian-Korean joint project KSLV I of launching the Russian sputnik to the orbit), Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hotel Lotte Co., (investment projects in the Russian Federation on construction of the industrial plants and objects of infrastructure), the UPKAIT corporation (export of food products to Russia).

The Russian awardees were JSC “Aerofolt”, Administration of Kaluga Region and the Trade Representative of Russia to the Republic of Korea M.Bondarenko.


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