Regarding the press-conference, dedicated to publishing of Lev Tolstoy complete works in the Korean language.

On April, 9, 2013, in Seoul Foreign Press Club the press-conference was held, dedicated to the new project of the cultural and educational center “Pushkin House” on  publishing the complete works of Lev Tolstoy in 18 volumes in Korean. The Korean readers display steady interest and great affection for the heritage of the great writer and classic of the Russian literature, still the complete works in Korean will be published for the first time. The translation was done by professor Park Hyen-gyu, who devoted all his life to studying and translating Lev Tolsoy’s works.

         The participants of the press-conference were the representatives of all the major publishers of the Republic of Korea, thus including Korea Herald, Chunang Ilbo, Choson Ilbo, Munhwa Ilbo and some other.

         The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Korea Dr.Konstantin Vnukov in his address to the participants of the press-conference thanked professor Park Hyen-gyu, the administration of the “Pushikin House”, and personally director Kim Sun-myoung for their efforts to publish the complete works of the great Russian writer, and expressed hope, that the Korean readers will welcome the present edition.


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