Прием 65 лет Победы

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Dear guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen!


Subscribing to the words of my Belarus colleague, I would like to add that the 65 Anniversary of the Victory over fascism, which is guilty in  death of 55 million people half from which – inhabitants of the former Soviet Union, is a good occasion to recollect the Second World War- the most terrible in the history of mankind, and to comprehend its lessons.

Today you may see the participants of our reception wearing Saint George ribbons, personifying the world campaign under the motto «Remember and proud!» passing at the initiative of youth in many countries. This is so indeed, all of us remember and proud of our fathers and grandfathers, who have provided this Great Victory.

This is the common Victory of mankind. Therefore in two days heads of many States, representatives of armed forces and veteran organizations of the CIS countries, the USA, France and other our allies of the Second World War will gather for solemn actions on the Red Square in Moscow.

I would like to congratulate all of you on the 65 Anniversary of the Victory and express hope that the program of our joint reception remains in your memory.

Thanks for the attention.



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