Speech of the Ambassador of Russia K.V. Vnukov on the occasion of the Day of Russia

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Ladies and Gentlemen!


It’s a pleasure to welcome you at the reception in the Embassy of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Korea on the occasion of the National Day of Russia. The 12th of June is a special date in the modern history of our country, symbolizing the aspiration of Russian people to modernize economic, social and cultural life of the country and to step up to the new stages of development, which would provide prosperity and well-being to Russia for decades ahead. Such are the aims which have been set for the Russian society and diplomacy by the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. D.A.Medvedev. I consider these tasks are also accordant in many respects to the strategic targets of development of the Republic of Korea.

 Nowadays modern Russia and the Republic of Korea are tied together by the 20-year-old fruitful cooperation. Both of our states work actively to lead mutual relations to the level of strategic partnership. We have all preconditions for the achievement of this goal. There are no contradictions or disputes between us. We cooperate successfully in all the areas of politics, economics and culture. Our interaction is carried out both in the sea, on the surface, and even in the space. It is important to underline that our cooperation is not directed against the third countries. It is aimed at promotion of peace and happy life not only of Russians and Koreans, but also of all the people of Northeast Asia.

Celebration of the 20-th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries is entering into the active phase. This anniversary is marked by the wide range of events, which take place in Moscow, Seoul as well as other cities and regions of Russia and the Republic of Korea. I am confident that numerous exhibitions, concerts, scientific symposiums, in which thousands of our citizens participate, will promote the further deepening of mutual understanding and friendship between the people of Russia and the Republic of Korea.

The most significant event in the political life of our two countries will be the official visit of the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Dmitry A. Medvedev, which will take place in November 2010 on the eve of the G-20 Summit in Seoul. The forthcoming visit, undoubtedly, should become a starting point of the qualitatively new stage in the Russian-South Korean political, economic, cultural and scientific cooperation.

I would like to propose a toast:

To further strengthening of partnership between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea!

To prosperity of the Russian and Korean people!

To health and success of all the Ambassadors of foreign states, who are present at this reception, and of all Russian and Korean friends!


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