Address by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Korea, H.E.Mr. Konstantin V.Vnukov on the occasion of the Russian Diplomatic Service Day

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear colleagues and friends,

Dear guests!

I am glad to welcome you at this reception on the occasion of the Russian Diplomatic Service Day.

The presence of such a day in our calendar is an illustration of the significance, which modern Russia attaches to diplomacy. It is quite natural, because nowadays none could cope with global problems on his own. What is needed - is a collective leadership of geographically and civilizationally important powers. To face new threats and challenges, the world also needs multilateral diplomacy and joint efforts of the whole international community.

Uncertainty, concerning the future world order, has been in many respects regarded to the weakening of Russia after the disintegration of the USSR. The present strengthening of the Russian Federation, which has brought back its powerful role in world affairs, in combination with the rise of a number of global centers of development and influence in different regions of the world, pave the way to a multipolar world order.

Russia invites our eastern and western partners to jointly analyze - what world we are living in and what should be done to provide international stability and security in the era of globalization.

Regretfully, advancement in this direction is constrained with instincts and prejudices, inherited from the Cold War era. As for Russia, it rejects the confrontation, being imposed on it. On the global stage, we shall continue with pushing forward such an agenda, which is aimed at rapprochement of individual states’ positions and is based on mutual consideration of national interests and recognition of the common responsibility for the destiny of the world.

Partnership with the Republic of Korea is one of the priorities of the Russian foreign policy in Asia Pacific. Bilaterally and multilaterally, our two nations are making a significant joint contribution to establishment of mutual understanding, security and cooperation in the region and the world. I am confident that this partnership will ever enhance.

Dear friends,

Work of a diplomat is important in the today’s world as much as the work of a  builder, a teacher or a doctor. In order to do their work properly for the sake of their people, the builder, the teacher and the doctor need a peaceful environment. And it is diplomats, who provide such an environment. Our profession cannot be regarded as the quietest, the safest or the most profitable one. But we are proud of the fact that it is needed by people. Irrespective of their nationality, diplomats devote their lives to serve the noble goal of the world peace. And this service unites the diplomats of Russia and South Korea, China and the US, France and Japan.

To your health, dear friends and colleagues!

To mutual understanding between peoples!

To peace on Earth!


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