Opening of the Sambo Spot Club at Jeonho Middle School


On April 26th Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Korea A.A.Timonin was invited to the opening ceremony of the Sambo sport Group in Jeonho Middle School wich offers an advanced study of the Russian culture.

The ceremony was also attended by Member of the National Assembly Ms. Jin Seong-mi, Deputy Head of Kangdong-gu District Administration Mr. Chon Seok-hyon, the Chairman of the Republic of Korea Sambo Federation Mr. Moon Jeong-geum. The pupils of the school organised the concert of Russian music.

In his welcoming remarks Ambassador Timonin thanked teachers and pupils of the school for their interest in Russian language, culture and art. He underlined that the President of the Russian Federation Mr.V.V.Putin paid great attention to the development of the Sambo – popular Russian sport and Chongho Middle School became the first educational establishment in Korea which had included the Sambo into educational program.   The Ambassador added that he was confident this event would not only promote development of sports in Korea but also enhance friendship and mutual understanding between Russian and Korean young people.

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