Reception in the Embassy for Korean Friends of Russ


On November, 26, the Embassy hosted a Reception for Korean Friends of Russia, which had already become traditional. Professors and lecturers of leading Korean scientific centers, who study the Russian language, history and culture of our country, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, Korea-Russia Friendship Associations, journalists and prominent figures in various spheres of culture attended the reception.

Ambassador of Russia Alexander Timonin in his address to the audience emphasized the considerable contribution of Korean specialists, who had studied in Russia and presently worked at the Russian direction, in forming the relations of friendship and cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea and between our nations for the past 25 years.

In the course of the reception the presentation was held as well for the book: “From Sabbatin to Pushkin: 150 year-long trace of Russia in Korea”, which had been published by a group of professors of Hanguk University of Foreign Studies, led by famous scientist Kim Hyun-taek. When presenting the book, Ambassador of Russia emphasized, that the new research of Korean specialists had been written with great sympathy towards Russia, and expressed his assuredness, that readers would find in interesting



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