Reception in the Embassy on the occasion of Diplomatic Service Day

On February, 10th the Embassy held a reception devoted to the celebration of the Diplomatic Service Day. In the event took part employees of the Embassy, and foreign visitors - deputies of National Assembly led by Mr. Kim Han Gil – the chairman of the parliamentary group for communication with the Federation Council and the State Duma of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the ROK, the Seoul diplomatic corps, South Korean scientific and business circles.
In his speech the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Korea Alexander. A. Timonin has dwelled upon the major goals of the Russian policy in the Asian-Pacific region, and informed how Russian-South Korean relations will develop in a year of the 25th anniversary of an establishment of the diplomatic relations between two countries.

Speech of the Ambassador of Russia in the Republic of Korea:

Esteemed Mr. Kim Han Gil,
Esteemed Mr. Ha Tae Yok,
Dear colleagues and guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am glad to welcome you all to our traditional reception on the occasion of the professional holiday of Russian diplomats – The Diplomatic Service Day. The date of the holiday - February the 10th - is associated with the earliest mentioning of the establishment of the Ambassadorial order - first Russian diplomatic service institution, the event dated as far back as 1549.
Our holiday was established in 2002 by Decree of the President of Russian Federation. This decision pointed to the fact that achievements of Russian diplomacy are recognized as one of the statesmanship keystones.
Last year was not easy for all of us - the international situation has become considerably more complicated, new dangerous tension areas were added to already existing chronic conflicts. The risks of inter-civilizational and sectarian ruptures remain unchanged, threats from extremist and terrorist forces are growing, the situation in the world economy is far from certain. Yet, despite of the difficulties, Russia most actively strived and is striving to contribute to conflict settlement in various regions of the world. First and foremost this applies to the current situation in Ukraine.
Under the current circumstances Russia firmly and consistently bases its’ action on such perceptions as indivisibility of security, necessity for a more democratic and polycentric world order, inadmissibility for any state to impose its approaches and values on other sides in international relations, or, all the more so, for interference in the other states’ internal affairs.
Presently our country devotes special attention to cooperation in multilateral formats, in the first place, such as the BRICS and SCO, which are to hold summits in Russia this year. Another important area of cooperation is Eurasia integration which received a new impetus as the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union went into full-scale operation starting January the 1st, 2015.
Russia is determined to continue its efforts to further integration into the Asia-Pacific region, which is important for the economic development of Russia’s eastern regions. At the same time we are concerned about the continuing attempts to bring elements of confrontation into the region. We regard the US intention to extend the global missile defense system to the Asia-Pacific as counterproductive and destabilizing.
We are convinced that what the Asia-Pacific region needs now is not new dividing lines but consolidating initiatives, restraint in the military field, state of mind aimed at dialogue and peaceful resolution of disputes. These are the only ways to provide for long-term peace and security here.
For me, as the new Russian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, the most important task is to promote in every possible way the further development of Russian-South Korean cooperation. This year we are celebrating the landmark date - the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries.
Looking back, it is encouraging to note that in such a small period of time form the historical point of view, Russia and the Republic of Korea have managed to make a significant progress in the development of bilateral ties.
Last year was no exception. It was full of events important for our cooperation. Exchange of high-level visits as well, as useful and meaningful political dialogue continued, along with the interaction in such fields, as economy and trade, science and technology, cultural and humanitarian exchange.
Russia continued its efforts to contribute to establishment of atmosphere of peace and trust in the North-East Asia. We work closely with the Republic of Korea in search of ways to settle the nuclear problem of the Korean Peninsula and to resume the six-party talks as soon as possible.
The Russian side devotes special attention to the promotion of trilateral economic projects on the Korean peninsula with the participation of the Republic of Korea and the DPRK. In our view, enhanced cooperation in this area will create more favorable conditions for the normalization of inter-Korean relations. I look forward to onward joint activities in the field with our South Korean partners.
Dear friends, we celebrate the Diplomatic Service Day on the eve of one of the main Oriental festivals - the Lunar New Year. I take this opportunity to wish that the Year of the sheep brings you all well-being and prosperity. I propose a toast to new achievements of the Russian diplomatic service, for further development of Russian-South Korean relations, friendship and cooperation between the people of our two countries, for the health and happiness of all our friends who joined today’s reception.


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