Address by H.E.Mr.Gleb A.Ivashentsov

Ambassador of Russia

at the inauguration of the 2007 Incheon Global Costume Festival


(Seoul, November, 23rd, 2007)



Ladies and Gentlemen,

My wife and I are happy to be with you at 2007 Incheon Global Costume Festival. It is a great event with hundreds of participants from so many countries.

It is aimed at enhancing the mutual understanding between people of different religions and cultural traditions which is an urgent task today when certain forces are trying to blow up the so-called conflict of civilizations. I view the events like the Global Costume Festival as an efficient way to fight the mutual mistrust and negative stereotypes of the past and to promote the dialogue and partnership of civilizations.

The very fact that this year the Festival is held at Incheon once again stresses the importance of this city for Korean and international business and trade. I welcome Mayor Ahn Sang-soo and his team and wish them all success in promoting Incheon as a business hub of Northeast Asia with the Incheon Free Economic Trade Zone serving as a locomotive of the process.

For my country, Russia, the relations with Korea and the city of Incheon are of a special significance. Geography and history predetermined our two countries to settle many common issues by joint efforts. We are happy to work together with the Republic of Korea to make the world more democratic, more fair and through that a much safer place for present and future generations.

I wish all success to 2007 Incheon Global Costume Festival!