by H.E. Mr. Gleb A.Ivashentsov,

Ambassador of Russia

at the reception on the occasion

of the Fatherland Defender Day


(Seoul, February 22, 2007)



Dear guests,


I am glad to welcome you at the reception on the occasion of the Fatherland Defender Day. This is a special day for the Armed Forces of Russia. And it is a special day for the whole people of Russia too as our Armed Forces are unseparable from our people. Every Russian, even if he is of the most civilian trade, viz, a worker of a farmer, a scientist or a diplomat, views himself a defender of the Fatherland. The Fatherland is the most sacred of whatever a Russian possesses.

The Armed Forces of Russia have a glorious past. They have been always performing their duty of defending the Fatherland with merit. Those who came to Russia with sword inevitably perished from the Russian sword. It was in Russia that the army of Napoleon and the army of Hitler got their backbones broken.

Today the Armed Forces of Russia employ the most modern weapons. But Russia neither threatens anyone with nuclear and missile strikes nor sends her soldiers overseas to bully anyone. We are prepared to interact with all states to protect the world from international terrorism and other challenges.

The relations of Russia with the Republic Of Korea are steadily reaching the level of trustful comprehensive partnership. Military-cum-technological cooperation and active contacts between defense agencies constitute an integral part of that partnership. That cooperation and those contacts are not directed against any third country. They are aimed at promoting peace and security in the Northeast Asia and beyond.

My greetings to you on the Fatherland Defender Day!

To the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation!

To the cooperation between Russia and the Republic of Korea!