Address by H.E. Gleb A.Ivashentsov,

Ambassador of Russia to

Republic of Korea

at a reception on the occasion of

Motherland Defender Day

February 22nd, 2006




Ladies and Gentlemen!

Dear Guests and Colleagues!

I am happy to welcome you today at the reception in the Embassy of Russia on the occasion of the Motherland Defender Day.

This day is one of the most honored and favorite in my country. The labour of warriors was always held in respect by Russians. Because it has been originally bearing the noble point to defend to Motherland and its people. Quite often on our history we had to protect the sovereignty of our country beating off the attacks of foreign invaders and saving our people from enslavement.

Russia has a glorious military history. The feats of her warriors are an integrate part of our annals. And today they serve as a source of inspiration for the young generation of my country.

The military doctrine of Russia is of a defensive character. The devotion to peace is firmly intertwined in it with the firm adherence to protect national interests and to guarantee the military security of the Russian Federation and her allies.

Now with the end the Cold war clichés of thinking of the epoch of confrontation are dying out though not as fast as it is desirable. The world has changed and we all are better understanding that we live in a complex and interdependent world in which we are faced with new challenges and threats. We here also got a mutual sensing of the fact that the global risks need adequate responses first of all by joint efforts of the world community as a whole.

In this context Russia is continuously strengthening its interaction in the sphere of the polities of security and defense with the inforested parties. The mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and NATO is expending within the framework of the Russia-NATO Council. The defense ties with our strategic partners China and India are strengthening. The military cum technological cooperation between Russia and Republic of Korea are also successfully developing. We here regular exchanges of the visits by ministers of defense and other military delegations. This cooperation has one clear aim which is to help to turn the region of North East Asia which is common go one two states into a zone of peace, security and cooperation.

May I once again welcome you, dear Guests, and our reception.

To the Day of Motherland Defender!

To the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation!

To the world peace!