by H.E. Mr. Gleb A.Ivashentsov,

Ambassador of Russia

at the reception on the occasion

of the Fatherland Defenders Day


(Seoul, February 22, 2008)



Ladies and Gentlemen!

Dear friends!

In Russia the Armed Forces Day is called the Fatherland Defender's Day. As the Russian military have a single task which is to defend Fatherland. We do not want the lands of others and we are not going to impose our rules on anyone.

The warriors of Russia have reasons to be proud of. Not many of those who dared to come to Russia with sword were lucky enough to come back to their homes.

Earlier than many, Russia managed to comprehend the lessons of the cold war and to make common sense, not ideology, the focal point of her foreign policy. The problem however lies on the fact that the instincts and prejudices of the epoch of ideological confrontation are still not extinct in certain quarters.

One-sided approaches, double standards, and forceful methods are these days being used more and more often in international affairs. That is why we need forces and weapons to duly protect our interests like it is done by our partners. Military might is surely included.

However Russia does not intend to get involved in an arms race or in a confrontation with anyone. We are in favour of an open and frank discussion of existing problems. We view that as the best way to settle conflict situations and to remove challenges and threats to international stability and security.

Russia and the Republic of Korea are close neighbours and active partners. Military technological cooperation and contacts between the Armed Forces of two our states constitute an integral component of our partnership which is aimed at peace and security in Northeast Asia and beyond.

To the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation!

To the cooperation between Russia and the Republic of Korea!