Address by H.E.Gleb A.Ivashentsov,

Ambassador of Russia on the occasion

of the opening of the Songnam Dance Festival.


(April 25 th, 2009)




Dear friends!


I am glad to welcome you on the occasion of the opening of the Songnam Dance Festival.

In the world of today which is facing old and new challenges of political, military, economic and financial nature, people as never before are in the need of rapport, mutual understanding and kindness. The kindness of thought, the kindness of language by which we communicate to each other and the kindness of deeds.

The triumph of kindness which is so important for us is to be affirmed by arts. Ballet is likely to play a special role here as it does not require interpreters as for instance poetry does.

I am confident that the Songnam Festival, in which up to 90 dancers from all over the world are taking part, is to become a major event not only for admirers of ballet in the Republic of Korea and beyond. I believe that this festival will produce a new appeal to international accord of promoting kindness and beauty, which as far as the great Russian writer and philosopher

Fyodor Dostoevsky has said would save our world.

I am glad that Russian ballet dances are participating in the Songnam festival. Russia and the Republic of Korea are close neighbors and active partners. By geography and history they are predestined to settle lots of common tasks especially those connected with strengthening of regional and international peace and mutual understanding.

Greetings and good wishes to everyone.