Address by H.E.Mr.Gleb A.Ivashentsov,

Ambassador of the Russian Federation,

at the Russian-Korean Cultural Evening

(Seoul, September 21, 2008)




Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,


I am glad to welcome you at the National Theatre of Korea.

This is a very special evening. Thanks to Korea-Russia Exchange Association and other enthusiasts of the cultural ties between our two countries we shall enjoy a joint concert by Russian and Korean actors, musicians, dancers and singers. I think it is fair to say that here we see a practical example of Russian-Korean partnership. A partnership comprehensive and trustful, which has become a characteristic feature of the relationship between our two countries.

These days Russia and the Republic of Korea interact to mutual benefit in a wide range of human activities, be it international security, energy or science and technology.

Cooperation on land and cooperation at sea has been now added by cooperation in space. In April the first Korean cosmonaut Yi Soe-young trained in the Russian Star City has made a successful space flight by a Russian spaceship.

By geography and history our two peoples are predestined to jointly settle many common issues to promote mutual understanding and cooperation in Northeast Asia and beyond.

It is a pity that certain forces are trying today to hold back the world progress in that direction by reviving the instincts and prejudices of the “Cold War” times. As for us in Russia, we reject the confrontation being imposed on us. My country is and will ever be the champion of world peace based on mutual consideration of interests and recognition of the common responsibility of all members of the international community for the fate of the mankind.

We are glad that our general vision of the international affairs is shared by our partners in the Republic of Korea. This constitutes a solid ground for further advancement of two our states interaction.

I am confident that the official visit of President Lee Myong Bak of the Republic of Korea to Moscow and his talks with President Medvedev of Russia later this month with add a new impetus to comprehensive Russia-Korean partnerships.

I wish you a pleasant evening!