Address by H.E. Mr.Gleb A.Ivashentsov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation, at the reception on the occasion of the Day of Russian Diplomatic Service on February 10, 2006

I am happy to greet all of you today in the Embassy of the Russian Federation at the reception on the occasion of the Day of Russian Diplomatic Service. This day is officially celebrated in our country. And since I have not heard about same occasions in other countries, and all our guests are somehow connected to diplomatic service, let us celebrate this day as our common event.

Profession of diplomat is as old as this world. Probably the first diplomat was that member of a primitive tribe, whom the chieftain sent to the neighbors in order to peacefully settle a dispute over hunting grounds instead of stating the rights for the same with the help of a bludgeon.

A diplomat is as needed in modern society as a teacher or a doctor, and is especially important today when the means of human annihilation have become remarkably destructive. It is due to the efforts of diplomacy that we have not witnessed the third world war after the first and second ones. But at the same time it is diplomacy, which is responsible for the fact that notwithstanding the end of Cold War, the number of regional conflicts and "hot spots" within last 15-20 years have not only failed to come down but multiplied.

We are now based in the country for which diplomatic endeavors have a special value. Confrontation on the Korean Peninsula that has lasted over half a century has become more complicated today because of the nuclear issue. My country, Russia, is devotedly interested in turning the Korean Peninsula and the whole of Northeast Asia into a region of peace, security and cooperation. That is why we support the building of bridges of mutual understanding between the South and the North of Korea. That is why Russia is a party to the Beijing talks on the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula. We are glad that our relations with the Republic of Korea have reached the level of multifaceted and trustful partnership. We are also glad that the approaches of two our countries to major international problems of todays world are either close or common.

The tasks that Russian diplomacy is setting for itself are simple and clear. It is creation of favorable external conditions for secure and prosperous life of our people. The absolute majority of other countries want the same for their peoples. However in todays interdependent world we can achieve this only by joint efforts and in the spirit of partnership.

Still we do not close our eyes to remaining disagreements, to the practice of double standards, and to relapses into bloc mentality. However they are not the ones to set the main direction of international development. Not the things that divide the world community, but things that unite it are steadily coming to the fore.

As for Russia we are not looking for unilateral privileges, we are open for frank dialogue and equal mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries of the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I greet all of you members of diplomatic community, of diplomatic brotherhood, people of cold mind, of clean hands and of a good humor that is extremely essential while discussing controversial issues. I greet you, who live their lives as eternal gypsies moving from country to country for the sake of the great aim to enhance mutual understanding and peace between the nations.

To your health, dear Colleagues!

To our mutual understanding!

To the partnership between Russia and the Republic of Korea!

To the world peace!